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Andria in Bakingland: a journey into the unknown | Part 2 ( panic mode )

Andria in Bakingland: a journey into the unknown | Part 2 ( panic mode )

As I write this, I am honestly in a moment of frantic panic. I have to say, since I’ve started this journey, there have been many moments of this “oh my gosh what am I doing!!!???” feeling.

There’s so much uncertainty in this process, and the anticipation of it all is a bit overwhelming sometimes. The main thing that I’m struggling to make a decision on is whether or not it’s a good idea to partner with another company and sell my macarons under their name, first, or just start off on my own with a Cottage food license.

Ideally, doing it all on my own seems nice. The problem with that, though, is that I don’t have the resources for a lot of things that working with an established business would give me. Such as wholesale prices on ingredients, a full scale kitchen, and a business license with out applying for ten different certifications. I just feel very small not knowing a thing about what I’m doing and there’s the fear that I’m making a mistake in the paths that I’m choosing.

Dear Jesus take the wheel please XD.

On another note, I sent out a sample batch that the owner of the business I’m working with will use to give to potential customers. The current projection as of now is to start actually baking and testing in mid/late September. I have a feeling it might get pushed back, but I have FAITH, and I believe that I will still be able to push forward.

Something I’ve also been thinking through as I move along with this project is the whole “what makes my macarons special?” question. I’ve thought about this a lot before, but I think it’s a good thing for me to know. Especially when I’m working with something that many other people out there are good at as well. It’s not like I’m the only one out there making macarons, and I certainly won’t be the last either. So what makes what I have to offer so special?

If you thought I was going to answer that…we’ll sorry to disappoint. Maybe I’ll have it figured out by next time, who knows? Or, all of you who are reading this can help me answer that. Till then

~ AG

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