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The “Poor Student’s” Smoothie Bowl

The “Poor Student’s” Smoothie Bowl

I like to call this the “poor man’s…student’s” smoothie bowl because it only needs two main ingredients: frozen fruit & juice (hipster and aesthetic tendencies excluded…aka: pretty toppings used only for social media purposed not included). It’s so simple that I don’t really bother making a measured recipe out of it. All you really need are your favorite juice, fruits, *and some add-ons*…that’s it :D! Make this recipe, and you’ll think twice before going to some hype overpriced cafe for an Acai bowl.

Start with some frozen fruit. You can pick what kind of fruit you want to use (I used strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple). It’s important that you use frozen fruit and not fresh fruit. The frozen fruit act as their own ice cubes so the texture of your smoothie will be thick. If you use fresh fruit you’ll end up with a fruit juice blend. I know that some places use ice to thicken up their smoothies, but I am team no ice because #1) it ruins your blender #2) it never blends as smoothly as I want it to and #3) it melts faster and dilutes the smoothie. For me, the amount of fruit went up to about the 3 cup line. At the end, I ended up with around two servings of smoothie.

Next you want to add your choice of fruit juice. I’m sure this would work with soy milk, or coconut milk etc. but I prefer juice because I really like the tartness it adds (esp. orange juice). Add enough juice to halfway cover the fruit in the blender (yes I know the pic has less juice, but that’s because I didn’t add enough)

After this, you want to blend your mix. If it’s too stiff, you can always add more juice to loosen it up, but be careful of adding too much juice. For a good thick smoothie, I need to use the stick thing that comes with the blender to push around the frozen fruit that’s not being blended (aka: it takes some effort to blend it smoothly). As you can see, it was a bit too thick, so I added in some juice after blending it a bit.

I stop blending my smoothie once I reach what I call the “pinwheel stage.” This is when you see four sections appear on the top that kind of spiral into a “black hole.” I added too much juice the second time around so my smoothie was a bit too runny…tastes the same though.

Portion out your smoothie and decorate it with extra fruit and granola of your choice :)…yes go take that pic, show off to your friends what you made at home compared to their $7 bowl of bandwagon trends

(…ok I admit I am also a victim of bandwagoning the Acai trend…what can I say¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love a good Acai bowl…as long as it tastes decent and doesn’t bankrupt me)

Tip: this recipe also works in a nutri-bullet (that’s what I use in my apartment at college, just remove the nutri-bullet once in a while and shake it to evenly blend the ingredients…it’s a bit harder on a nutri-bullet to get it smooth, but trust me…persistence will be rewarded)


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